Techno Hearth

Hello! Welcome to my little part of the internet, it's so nice to have you here! This website is in the very beginning stages of it's development, and most links will be empty for the moment. I've already redesigned it once, and I'm actually really happy with it this time! A little about me: I love traditional art and it's history, I crochet when I have the money for it, I'm starting a Computer Science B.S. degree (so I'm just learning as I go with this site to be honest), and I'm really into "hopepunk" and making this world a better place one step at a time. I'm only on tumblr and pinterest, so my digital footprint isn't very big and I like it that way. This website isn't going to be responsive on mobile or anything more than 16:9 screens, but I'm working on it. Eventually I want to add a spot for a message board, an update log, along with buttons. Until then, follow, explore what you can, and enjoy :)